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Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 Stick Packs

ProBiotics Plus Stick Packs with enzymes , prebiotics and 12 strains of live stable probiotics, is a highly active formula with years of technology behind it.

ProBiotics Plus Stick Packs contains 12 strains of friendly bacteria (Probiotics), FOS (prebiotic nutrient), and Chelated Zinc, 40 Billion CFUs per sleeve

With our L.E.A.D.S. Delivery System .

Our Pro-Biotics Plus® Stick Packs formula is the preferred choice of health professionals. Easy to take. To go stick packs.

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Why our Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 formula is the preferred choice of health professionals.

Why do some probiotics need to be refrigerated and others not..
Probiotics are live cultures and are generally unstable at temperatures over 75 degrees. HOWEVER, the temperature inside the body is well over 75 degrees, not to mention that the probiotics would have to pass through hostile stomach acid and bile to get to the intestine. So what is the answer? The answer is to buy a probiotic supplement that contains stabilized strains of bacteria. The fact is, a probiotic that requires refrigeration is a red flag that it is not stable and will die on impact with the body. Make sure you read the label of any probiotics to be sure that the probiotics are stabilized. Also be sure that your probiotic contains prebiotics such as FOS, thus being a symbiotic formula. Our Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 formulas have it all.

ProBiotics Plus enzymes (L.E.A.D.S ) with prebiotics can help in restoring the balance of intestinal micro flora that is so important to a healthy immune system and overall good health.

Probiotics side effects.

Just a small preview from the book The Wonder of Probiotics:

Probiotics Side Effects and Precautions:

"Because everyone can benefit from probiotics, we thought we would include the precautionary information in this chapter. Generally, probiotics are very safe and can be used by most adults and children without causing any significant discomfort or problems. The most common side effects are constipation and flatulence, which typically disappear within a few days as the gut adjusts to the introduction of friendly bacteria and the rebalancing of the bacterial flora. These temporary symptoms are akin to the dust you kick up when you do spring cleaning: once the dust settles, you have a cleaner, more organized house. In rare cases, people are hypersensitive to some component(s) of a probiotic supplement. Make sure you read the label carefully before you take any probiotic supplement and look for those that have the fewest (or no) additives."

John R Taylor Naturopath and author of The Wonder of Probiotics collaborated with world renowned probiotic expert Dr. Khem Shahani. Dr. Khem Shahani was a pioneer in the field of probiotics and is widely regarded as one of the world's leading probiotic authorities on their role in digestive health and immune response. NWC Naturals® is proud to offer this extremely effect formula Pro-Biotics Plus® chewable.

If you would like to speak to or have any questions for the Author John R. Taylor contact us by clicking here or call us toll free at 888-207-3480 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We have been here helping our customers since 1995 and will continue to serve as part of your health support team.

At ProBiotics Plus 12 .com we did a comparison chart so you can see really what you are buying. Our products are the highest quality so you can feel confident you are getting the best.

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Make a wise choice check the labels.
Not all probiotics are alike. Many cheap probiotics are unstable and lose their beneficial properties in the stomach before the probiotics can reach the intestine. The intestine is where the probiotics need to implant in order to seed your intestinal tract with healthy flora.

Don't take any probiotic if you can not find out what strain of bacteria are in them. Many manufacturers of both yogurt and supplements claim that this information is "commercially sensitive". Why should consumers buy and take something if they don't know if it contains the particular strain or the cfu's they want ? Also we found most web sites do not have label information do not buy probiotics if you do not know what you are getting.

We do not use any Yeasts in our probiotic products. Their are many Companies that do include yeasts in their formula and they even tell you on their label not to take it if you are allergic to yeasts. Look for yeasts on your labels such as Saccharomyces Boulardii .

What should I look for in a good supplement.

It is good to look for one that is high in cfu's and more than one strain. What is CFUs? CFU or Colony Forming Units - A unit of measurement used in microbiology that indicates the number of microorganisms present . It is a measure of how many bacteria (and yeast, because there are probiotic yeast) are able to divide and form colonies. It might be easier, to think of colony forming units as being a single bacterium. If the probiotic bacteria are capable of dividing and forming colonies then that is proof that they are alive and healthy.

How many cfu's do I need.

For general good health, most experts recommend between 6 to 10 billion cfu each day. For a specific minor health problem a dose of around 20 to 40 billion is often used. Take the dose suggested on the bottle or used in successful medical trials for that health problem. For a major health problem you need to be guided by your personal health professional. NWC Naturals® Pro-biotics Plus® Stick Packs with enzymes and prebiotics, has 40 Billion CFUs per sleeve.

One of many radio interviews with the naturopath John R. Taylor the author of The Wonder of Probiotics.

Probiotics Plus 12

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40 Billion CFUs per sleeve

12 Stabilized Strains Of Probiotics

Pre-biotics (Fructooligosaccharides)

Convenient To Go Stick Packs

Chelated Zinc

Pro-Biotics Plus® 12 Stick Packs or capsules are an advanced, high quality probiotic supplements with immune support Ingredients to help you get healthy and maintain overall wellness.

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